For decades, asphalt shingles have been the clear preference in the roofing industry. In recent years, however, there has been a substantial increase in metal roofing in the residential community. No one undertakes a roofing project for the sake of aesthetics alone. Still, it may be time for homeowners to ask themselves which is the right choice: asphalt or metal.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding if you should invest in an all-new roof, especially if it means completely changing materials. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between asphalt and metal roofing including the cost, expected lifespan, maintenance, and the effect it will have on your property value.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are created through the application of asphalt granules, fiberglass, and tar onto a fiberglass mat. There are three types of shingles; 3-tab, architectural, and luxury, which are commonly seen for residential roofing. This is because asphalt shingles are durable and cost-effective, making them a reliable material for long lasting roofs. They come in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to make stylistic choices that add to their home’s value.

The average cost of asphalt installation for a 3000 sq ft. roof is between $5,000 to $18,000, including materials and labor. This can vary greatly depending on the quality of the shingles, the availability of materials, and what area of the county a homeowner is in. This breaks down to roughly $1.71 to $3.12 per sq ft.

An asphalt roof can provide a homeowner with 15 -30 years of reliable protection provided that a few standards are followed. Professional installation by a certified contractor, regular maintenance and inspection, and the quality of the shingles are all factors that can lend to the lifespan of your roof. Other concerns include proper attic ventilation and the amount of severe weather you receive.

Part of what makes asphalt shingles such an attractive option is how easy they are to maintain and replace. If extreme weather conditions blow off a patch of shingles, they can be replaced for a relatively low cost with minimal stress to the homeowner. Simple maintenance steps such as removing debris can help extend the life of your roof and it is usually easy to find a local contractor that can do regular inspections.

Whether an asphalt roof will increase the overall value of your home depends upon current housing trends, shingle type, and the ROI (or Return on Investment) average for the country. The average ROI for a new asphalt shingle roof is around 64.4%, or $7,200. You may also want to take a look at your area and learn more about what houses are currently worth, and whether or not you are planning to sell in the coming years as to whether or not you want to make that initial investment.

Metal Roofing

Once considered ‘too industrial’ for home use, metal roofing has seen a surge in the residential market in recent years. It comes in five metal types; aluminum, zinc, copper, stainless steel, and Galvalume ®. The roofing panels fit together by either locking together at the seams (standing seam) or by being screwed down (exposed fastener). Standing seam metal roofing is the standard, as it allows the metal to expand and contract during thermal expansion.

The initial investment for quality metal roofing can give the average homeowner a bit of sticker shock. At $12.00 – $16.00 per sq ft. for a standing seam installation, or as much as $20 – $30 for a high-quality material like copper, you want to know it’s going to be worth the expenditure in the long run. The material, shape, and location of the roof are all significant factors, as well as working with reliable contractors who specialize in metal roof installation. When all is said and done, a homeowner can look to spend $80 – $100 per square foot for materials and installation.

So why risk such an expenditure? For the long-term benefits, of course! Metal roofing far surpasses most other roofing materials with a 60 – 100 year lifespan. This means that with proper installation and maintenance, your roof could last for three generations before it needs to be replaced. Metal roofing does not require much in terms of maintenance when compared to other roof materials. Although you will need to know what to look for in terms of damage, so you know when to call in the professionals. Denting, scuffing, and corrosion are all dangers to a metal roof.

Even though a metal roof is more expensive, the ROI is currently set at 48.9%. That isn’t bad, seeing as how a homeowner could look forward to almost fifty percent back on their initial investment. While the percentage is lower than an asphalt roof, the strength and endurance of a metal roof may well outweigh such concerns. Again, the resale value of your home may also change greatly depending upon other factors.

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